Welcome to Atelier Cabinetry

  Our striking designs showcase hand carved details that reflect on the skill and pride of our third generation artisans.  

Our Carvers come from 3 generations of artisans applying their crafts. We know of no other company that can match the accuracy or intricacy of their work. We are able to produce or reproduce virtually any carving one could imagine. Combine this with our Chicago based manufacturing and finishing operations and you get world class, one of a kind, heirloom cabinetry and furniture.   


Pedini - Italy

Pedini has been manufacturing modern cabinets and kitchens since the 1950’s and became well-known for utilizing design and technology in its high-quality composition. 


The designs are fresh and creative, sure to become a classic and to get mimicked by many other kitchen brands.   

Doca - Spain

 Doca products are characterized by their design and quality while maintaining their functional and ergonomic purposes.

Walnut, chestnut, oak, beech or ebony are combined with other materials like steel, aluminum, high density laminates, laminates, glass, lacquers or acrylics to create surprising textures, colours and finishes.